Consistent Creative Solutions
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About Us

Rapid Press entrance on Summer Street in Stamford
Bill Fishman & Hilary Huaman • info@rapidpressct.com
1979 in Stamford's downtown business district.
Company Overview

You could order your printing from a website. You could order your printing from a national chain of stores.

But there's a distinct advantage to working with a local business! It’s the human factor that makes a difference. No two jobs are alike and no two customers are alike. At Rapid Press we take the time to find out what your needs are in terms of quality, cost and turnaround, and determine the unique solution that works for you. That’s what we mean by Consistent, Creative Solutions. And we truly believe that adds value to the work we produce. Our customers are rewarded with better service, better value and a better product.


For 40 years, we have provided printing services to downtown Stamford. As residents of Stamford ourselves, we are proudly committed to the social and economic health of our community.